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Nobody Like Him

Are you comforted in knowing God is truly original; a unique God? Do you sleep a little easier at night knowing that God got you right where he wants you to be? Is it too much to believe that he will fulfill the purpose and plan for your life? Numbers 23:19 says God is not human that he should lie. Not a human being that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? We have got to remember God is not like us. He isn’t fickle. He doesnt go around operating and moving in accordance with what we are accustom too. He isn’t bound by laws of man. And truly thank God for it. He is timelessly unwaivering; assured and affirmed in His word by His word. Thank God for his grace; his abiding love. When it gets rough oh and it will get tough in this Christian walk, rejoice knowing there isn’t anybody like The Most High God.


I'm just a girl who loves God. What better way to spread a little light in this dark world than to share the goodness of Jesus Christ.

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