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First things First I Change…Everything Else Will Follow

It’s easy to point out a problem. For some they are the ultimate problem finders. While others are solution finders. But what about when the peoblems stem from within? What happens when the solution requires a change of self? Thats when the great outpour of excuses come. I mean I use to come up with every reason why I couldn’t changed a pattern in my life. Why I couldn’t rid my life of stinking thinking. My perspective was warped. It was as if I was stuck in knowing I needed to do something but ignorant as to how. I focused more on the external hindrances instead of my internal resilience. How Lord? Thats what I asked. Circumstances and situations dont change until we change them. Until we change ourselves. God is perfecting (maturing) us. Thats why it doesn’t happen over night. Once we’ve changed an area of our lives God positions situations to test us; to gauge our growth. Have you ever caught yourself about to go off on someone but because you didn’t give in and changed your response the outcome was different? Thats the beauty of it all. When we genuinely asked God what He wants us to work on he reveals. Then he propels us to action. Give yourself time to grow,evolve and mature in Christ. Take the first steps and watch God accompany you along the way.


I'm just a girl who loves God. What better way to spread a little light in this dark world than to share the goodness of Jesus Christ.

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