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A Morning Prayer

Father God thank you once again for life. Thank you for waking us up this morning. Lord we don’t take it for granted the precious gift of life because somewhere someone was not afforded it. God I pray right now on this day in the name of Jesus that you forgive us of our sins Lord forgive us of our shortcomings. God forgive us of the areas where we truly went the wrong way when right was staring us in the face. Lord we pray and asking in the name of Jesus that you renew a right Spirit within us, cleanse us of unrighteousness God. We’re tired of taking two steps forward only to take one step back. We’re tired of going around the same Mountain hoping to get to the top. 

God we know that we can never live a perfect life; a sinless life. Lord but each day as we choose to dive further in your word as we choose to uncover more and more of your treasures that lie within we will sin less. So we ask right now in the name of Jesus for you to have your way in our lives. We love you and we know that you’re faithful.  We come against every single assignment of the enemy right now in the name of Jesus. Devil who are you? What’s the worst that you can do that God hasn’t already overcome? Even your worst is still under God’s hands. In those tough times we promise that we won’t lose the faith God and if we do Lord give us a sign or wonder to remind us that we can go on, we can hang on and we can run to see what the end is going to be. We thank you and we count it already done in Jesus mighty name we pray.



I'm just a girl who loves God. What better way to spread a little light in this dark world than to share the goodness of Jesus Christ.

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