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RIP Flesh

I don’t know about you but denying my flesh what it wants isn’t easy. Honey let me tell ya! You know that saying our flesh isn’t saved and aint tryna get there no time soon? Oh how true that is. God tells us that we have to ask for forgiveness each day which leads me to believe that he doesn’t want us to have a sinless life but rather he wants us to sin less. As we grow nearer to him we should decrease in doing the things of the world. But again this isn’t easy and it really takes drawing nearer to Christ every single day in order to accomplish it. After all God gives us new mercies each morning he says that as long as we come to him and ask for forgiveness with our whole heart he is faithful and just to do so. As we begin to ask God to come into our life daily-moment by moment- we begin to actively sin less we become consciously aware of our choices and decisions. Questions like is this pleasing God begin to roll through our minds. Things that we once didn’t really care about doing we now in our minds ask ourselves if  that’s what we should be doing.I like to think of it this way as we deny our flesh our spirit says yes. We begin to discern more, we begin to understand and love more, we begin to be kinder to others, we don’t walk around with a chip on our shoulder because we have grace and peace. We truly have the joy of the Lord and guys that’s exactly what he wants.So remember you’re not missing out on some grandiose life l. Last I checked we’re only here temporarily. 

I pray for each and every person reading this  right now in the name of Jesus. As you begin to deny your own flesh what it wants moment by moment your spirit will increase.  When that temptation rises up to do that thing that goes against what God would have for you to do I pray in the name of Jesus that he gives you the strength to stop; a moment before. I pray that you will think first before you act I pray right now in the name of Jesus that when you do fall short that you’ll be able to go to Christ and boldly ask forgiveness knowing confidently that he is faithful and just to forgive you. Today we deny our flesh and we say yes to the promises of God. Today we walk in Holiness and we say no to anything that goes against God’s word. Today we are alive in Christ and dead to sin in Jesus name I pray Amen


I'm just a girl who loves God. What better way to spread a little light in this dark world than to share the goodness of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “RIP Flesh

  1. Yes, the longer we live with God in our heart, the less we will sin. But also, we will be more sensitive to sin and so it may seem to us that we aren’t getting anywhere. It is good to be careful not to look at our works and ourselves too much. We might get discouraged – well, I have gotten discouraged many times but I realized eternal life isn’t about obeying perfectly but about knowing, and just being close to God. He does want us to act good, he loves goodness for he is good. But he also loves you right where you are with all your struggles.

    I love to see a young person like you living for God. I gave myself to Jesus when I was 19; it was the best decision I ever made.


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