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God Will Provide

Philippians 4:19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus

Don’t you know that God will provide everything you need? As I write to you I am speaking this over my own life. Why? Because we have to each day remind ourselves of His extension of love. Yes, it gets hard sometimes-unbearable even. It’s as if you’re on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the outcome. Anxiety creeps in from every which way crowding your space. It’s a relentless downward spiral of never ending doubt, fear, and worry. We’ve all been there a time or ten. Nevertheless, we are here; breathing, desiring more of God, growing in Christ each moment. We are choosing to let go of yesterday and seize today. No matter what your situation is God will give you exactly what you need…


Lord God I thank you for being Jehovah Jireh the Lord our Provider. Thank you that we can rest in your arms trusting you to make a way. Lord you said in your word that nothing in heaven nor on earth is greater than you are. What a privilege it is to have such a great God be concerned about our needs. Lord I pray that when it gets hard to trust you give us the strength to not give up. Lord when it seems like all the odds stand stacked against us give us the courage to walk by faith and not sight even more. Devil we serve notice on you right now in the name of Jesus time you creep in our minds with doubt we will echo these three words GOD WILL PROVIDE. God we love you and its in Jesus’s mighty name Amen.



I'm just a girl who loves God. What better way to spread a little light in this dark world than to share the goodness of Jesus Christ.

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